Dirk Albert Hooijer



Dr D.A. Hooijer was born in Medan, Sumatra (Indonesia) on 30th  May 1919. He moved to Holland and studied geology at the University of Leiden.  After his graduation, he became curator of the fossils collected by Prof. dr. M.E.F. Dubois, the so-called Dubois-collection. He obtained a Rockerfeller fellow-ship at the American Museum of Natural History, New York in 1950-1951 and a Regents professorship at the University of California, Irvine.

Dr. Hooijer wrote 267 papers on vertebrate fossils from Indonesia, Africa, the Near East, the Netherlands and the Antilles (South America). Many of his papers are devoted to species which had his main interest e.g. Proboscidae, Rhinocerotidae, Suidae and Primates. He described 6 new genera e.g. Cebelochoerus, Chilotheridium, Epileptobos, Paradiceros, Paulocnus and Spelaeomys and 47 new (sub)species (a number of which as co-author). With the death of Dr. D.A. Hooijer we lost a colleague who was much appreciated in the international palaeontological world.


Thijs van Kolfschoten



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